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//Carretilla Elevadora Transportable Eléctrica Moffett E2 y E4

Carretilla Elevadora Transportable Eléctrica Moffett E2 y E4

Marca: Moffett

Modelo: E2 y E4

Motor eléctrico:


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Product Description

Hiab Moffett

Carretillas elevadoras transportables eléctricas



MOFFETT truck mounted forklifts are a familiar sight on the back of trucks and trailers operating on sites and depots across the globe. The comprehensive model range has constantly been extended over the years paving the way for another technological landmark – the world’s fi rst Lithium-ion powered electric truck mounted forklift.

The benefi ts of this unique load handling device are now available to a wide range of new application areas. The MOFFETT E-Series models are setting new standards in placing environmentally responsible technology on the back of your truck or trailer, while signifi cantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

  • At a glance
  • Emission Free
  • Silent Operation
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Easy Charging


Warehouse Deliveries

The MOFFETT truck mounted forklift has a proven track record of saving time and money for businesses across all industries. The new emission free E-Series is ideal for operations that require the movement of goods from outside to inside such as warehouses and distribution centres.

With a lift capacity up to 2,000kg, a powerful one-wheel drive traction system and a tight turning circle, this agile forklift is capable of accessing the most confined areas. The new E-Series reduces the need for additional warehouse material handling equipment.

City Distribution

The highly manoeuvrable truck mounted forklift is ideal for urban deliveries in locations where access is restricted and low noise is paramount. Deliveries are made without any engine noise or emissions, allowing the operator to travel right to the point of delivery. This ensures faster delivery times and reduced product damage.

The E-Series will accelerate the swift logistical support of your organisation, improving the level of service you provide to your customers giving you a competitive edge and the opportunity to increase your customer base.

Night-time Operations

Night time delivery operations are often faced with stringent noise regulations e.g. within residential areas. The new E-Series is a low noise and zero emissions machine designed for this growing area of business, minimising the impact of air and noise pollution and helping speed up the delivery process. By incorporating this new electric truck mounted forklift into a delivery system it enables greater flexibility in planning out of hour’s deliveries.